Special Spaces Knoxville Auction

We are Special Spaces in Knoxville! For over 15 years, we have been providing personalized, special spaces for children diagnosed with cancer. We have been blessed with immense support from our community and we are turning to you again to help us raise funds to continue brightening the lives of these children. Help us make a difference! Every bid counts!

We create dream bedroom makeovers for dependent children ages 2-19 with cancer who are within one year of treatment. We only do bedrooms. Bedrooms where children sleep, but also rest, play, and spend time away from the challenges of their illness a very special space to just to be a kid! We maintain a high-touch, high-impact organization that measures success by the quantity and the quality of the experience. We transform the child's existing bedroom into a place that only he/she can dream or imagine.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, it can change their world. The activities that they used to enjoy may look and feel different. They may not be able to do the things they really love. They don't play soccer, ride bikes, go to prom or attend school.Children with cancer spend a lot of time away from others; time in the hospital, visiting different doctors, receiving painful treatments, feeling tired and nauseous, and often times being isolated. Our goal is to provide these children with a special space where they can not only sleep, but also play, heal and spend time away from the challenges of their illness. A custom bedroom designed just for them. Whether they are dreaming of a princess castle, a butterfly bedroom, a pirate ship or a sports theme, we transform the child's existing bedroom into a place that only he/she can imagine. A place for them just to be a kid!

This effort is done with teams of dedicated volunteers, sponsors, community partners and donated goods and/or services. The Special Spaces team meets with the family, designs the bedroom and provides all of the needed supplies. Bedrooms may include new paint, furniture, rugs, window treatments, closet organization, medical storage, light fixtures, bedding, painted murals, and custom donor. With a hands-on team, we create a very special bedroom.

Founded in 2004 in Knoxville, TN, with just one makeover, we have grown into a national volunteer organization. We currently have 19 chapters in 13 states. At the end of 2019, as a whole, we have created over 1100 dream bedroom makeovers for our very special children. We measure our success not only in quantity, but in the quality of the experience. We are proud to be a high touch, high impact organization that changes the lives of children in our communities.

We do this. One Child. One Room. One Day. at a time.