The Niabi Zoo Snow Recovery Campaign

The winter storm in January hit the Niabi Zoo with more than 25 inches of heavy wet snow that placed an unprecedented strain on zoo infrastructure and animal habitats. The most significant damage includes the collapse of the outdoor cathouse enclosures, damage to the American Bald Eagle exhibit, collapse of the Pallas cat exhibit, and roof damage to the aviary and carousel. There was also significant damage to roofs and gutter throughout the zoo as well as the complete destruction of several smaller animal enclosures.

The zoo staff did a heroic job of making sure all of our animals were safely moved to other areas both within the zoo and to other facilities. No animals or staff were injured during this tragic series of events.

Repairs and replacement of affected areas are underway, but the cost will be high. In order to get all of the needed work done we will need your help. Together we can not only bring the zoo back to where it was before the storm but make it an even more vibrant and exciting place well into the future.

Niabi Zoo Foundation was established in June of 2020 with the sole purpose supporting the Niabi Zoo today and into the future! The Foundation is playing a critical role in helping the zoo bring its long-term goals to life. Chief among these goals is to create a community centerpiece that will inspire a love and respect of nature for people of all ages.Please note:The Niabi Zoo Foundation is the only authorized fundraising organization for the Niabi Zoo. Donations made to other similar-sounding entities will not reach the Niabi Zoo.