Head2Heart Partners in Education

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Our mission is to bridge the gap between alternative education, balanced social-emotional learning, and conservation to create a more sustainable future built within our youth. We strive to assist families to identify their educational style and needs, illuminate the resources and options available to them and help them navigate along their own educational journeys - regardless of their financial status.

Our unique program is about community and since our formation in 2020, we stayed true to our mission through our multi-sensory enrichment classes and curriculum alongside our weekly community-building events. We have built a thriving community of homeschoolers that enjoy giving back and connecting with nature. Together we have participated in community service activities with the Whitewater Preserve, organized and carried out community distribution events to help the less fortunate, we've created greeting cards for isolated seniors in nursing homes during COVID-19, and planted over 20 trees! Can we count on your bids in helping us further our mission?

Our program is focused on education for the real world and is free from traditions and customs so that families from all walks of life can feel accepted andwelcome. Our homeschool programs are designed to foster and support community and family bonding while encouraging conservation of our natural world. Our CEO, Ramina Arce, is a Native-American veteran with deep roots in conservation and homeschooling. All of us at Head2Heart Partners in Education echo her sentimentthat education should be for the growth and benefit of our children and we should have a choice in how it is accomplished.

Why is this charity auction important? There are multiple excellent reasons but let me share 3 of the immediate needs your contributions will support:

#1. Many families that need our assistance are from low-income Coachella Valley communities in the farthest locations to the East and West including Mecca, Thermal, and Desert Hot Springs. With rising gas prices and the general cost of living, these families are limited on how far they can travel for support services. We hope to raise enough to purchase (2) 15-passenger vans to cut down on the miles they have to travel to support their children's education needs.

#2: Another important thing that we provide is financial aid to families and we are hoping to raise enough to support more families this year than last year. Last year we had the opportunity to provide partial financial aid to over 40 families! We would love to be able to provide this to more families in the coming year and even start providing full scholarships to those that really need it.

#3: What you may not know is that we have recently moved locations and will also be providing online teacher-led options this fall. With these changes, there are some things we would like to purchase to optimize the learning environment in both our virtual and in-person classrooms for subjects including Science, Art, Music, and PE.

These are only 3 of the great things your contributions will help us to achieve. Thank you so much for your generosity and willingness to help us reach families where they are.

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