Team Teljn

Your generosity makes it possible for Teljn to fight and win this battle. Thank you for your generosity! Every bid makes a difference.

When Holli took Teljn for what was supposed to be his final neuroblastoma vaccine injection, they told her that the cancer is back. It is present throughout many of his bones with 30-40% of the bone marrow affected. It is quite similar to two years ago when this journey started. It is time to start again, but with relapse, there are no roadmaps.

Upon doctor recommendation, he stayed in New York to start chemotherapy right away.

Holli broke the unfortunate news to Teljn. His reaction was "Well, at least I like New York, and we will have time to finish the big Lego set we bought."

With his attitude, there are many great days ahead as he fights this monster a second time.

There are also many of the expenses related to treatment that will not be covered. COTA is an organization dedicated to providing assistance to children like Teljn who face a battle that will last for years and include significant costs. They help bridge the gap between insurance and actual costs. Proceeds from this auction will be used for that purpose.