Learn To Read of St. Lucie County

At Learn to Read we recruit volunteers and then provide them with free Tutor training so they are prepared to provide literacy services to those learners in our community. The gift of literacy is offered to any person 16 years or older through free, confidential instruction in reading, writing, and speaking English, and the technological skills needed to solve problems encountered in daily life.

If you want to help children, invest in adult literacy

The single greatest indicator of children's success is the literacy level of their parents.More than 2.6 million adults in Florida -or- 20% of those 16 and older -lack the most basic reading skills.

Break the cycle of Poverty

  • 43% of adults with the lowest literacy levels live in Poverty.
  • 1 out 3 people in Ft Pierce and 1 out 6 people in Port St Lucie live in Poverty
  • 30% of all children of St Lucie County were living in Poverty that same year.

Every Bid Counts! Thank you for helping us give others the gift of literacy.