Seven Homes Christmas Kick-Off

Our goal is to raise money for this upcoming Christmas Season, to give the children in foster care the Christmas of there dreams. They count on us, but can we count on your bid?

Did you know:
15,281 Children in NC were served by the Foster Care Program
2,819 Children in NC were waiting for Adoption
5.531 Children in NC came in care
1,522 Children were Adopted
4,698 Children in NC exited the Foster Care System due to Reunification, Aged Out, or Kinship Care
In total 125,400 Children in the US are waiting for Adoption

The scary part of these numbers is that are as of the end of 2018. Child Care and Foster Care number are reported at the end of the year for the previous year. Can you imagine what the number must look like for 2020 with everything that is going on?

One of the toughest times of the year for a child in Foster Care is Christmas. Last year, 2019, Seven Homes Inc. was able to provide 300 children with a gift/toys and 10 children with full sponsorship which includes toys from their wish-list and clothes.

Our Goal for 2020 is to serve 350 Children with a gift and 25 Children with a full sponsorship.
Our Goals for 2020 my be lofty, but with your bid we can make it happen.
Even if you are not interested in buying something though our auction please log in and made a donation. The cost for a Christmas Gift is $25 and Our Full Sponsorship is $100

About Seven Homes:

Seven Homes was founded in 1995 to serve children in foster care in need of love, safety, and stability. Our organization has grown significantly over the last 25 years. In addition to licensing, case management, and adoption services, our staff provides fun activities, camps, date nights and training opportunities for families in partnership with local churches, businesses, schools and volunteers. These partnerships are crucial in being able to support the children in the way they deserve.