Oregon's Wildfire Relief Auction

We are holding an online auction to raise money for Oregon's cherished Santiam Canyon Wildfire Relief Fund. They really need your help in raising money to support the people affected by the fires. Your bids and donations will help us continue to support the people who need it most at these trying times. Whether your contribution is big or small, everything helps. Every Bid Helps!

The wildfires burned through our community and surrounding areas, and we understand the fear and loss everyone is feeling right now, especially as the cold winter and the holidays near. We hope for a swift end to this crisis and were sending out all the positive thoughts to Santiam Hospital staff, the clinics, and our community that has been affected by these fires. We'd also like to share a heartfelt thanks to all the emergency responders and firefighters that worked diligently to put out these fires. We stand ready to care for those in need throughout this crisis.

To accomplish our goal of providing relief, we need the help of anyone able. Every bid and donation made, whether small or big, will help us continue doing what we're doing. Every Bid Helps!