Josh Morros- Because I Can

Our Goal for Northern Nevada:

*Fix A Big Problem Area 1.) No aftercare facilities SPECIFIC for Brain Injury survivors in Northern Nevada 2.) Funds are exhausted so individuals settle or create a lifestyle of existence.

* GOAL Build a relationship with Doctors, Hospitals, Rehab Facilities, Caretakers, Support Groups and Families to reduce readmission and deterioration that may come from sustaining a brain injury.

*New Generation to Brain Injury Recovery Dr. Geoff Manley, chief neurosurgeon of San Francisco General Hospital, was quoted in the San Francisco Chronicle saying, Weve gotten much better at getting people to survive, but we have a lot of work to do helping them to recover.

* Step in the right direction with B.R.A.I. N, where we will assist by empowerment, enhancement in a therapeutic environment thru 1.) Exercise, 2.) Nutrition, 3.) Sleep 4.) Self-Development

*BENEFITS: Improved muscle and skeleton function and integrity, support cognitive function, facilitate neuroplasticity, control weight, combat illness, Decrease fall risk, improve mood, boost energy, better sleep habits, build community/social participation and BUILDS CONFIDENCE.

Brain Injury is a devastating injury and effects every family differently, BUT it doesnt mean individuals have to settle for existing verses enhancement.

It all started August 16, 2008, the Morros Family was in Wendover NV watching their son, Josh Morros compete in a National Hare and Hound Race (off road motorcycle racing), He was the youngest to go pro in off road racing and to be signed with Factory Kawasaki for a 2 year rookie contract at 16 years old. At 15 he was ranked 47th in the world. We were proud of our boy! We had no idea August 16th would change our life in the most unthinkable direction by a blink of an eye. Josh had a horrific crashed going approx. 90 MPH.

We were at the race and at his side less than 15 minutes after the accident. Based on quick thinking of two other riders and a lady on the course taking pictures, the EMT crew was to our son with minutes after the accident. To this day, we know that God had his hands all over Josh that day in the desert, we had idea how bad the damage was, we just knew he was in serious trouble.

Everyone went to work to stabilize Josh in order to transport him by air to Intermountain Medical Center in Salt Lake City, Utah. That took 55 minutes and during the process they lost Josh once, but were able to revive him.

Upon getting to the hospital (the 130 mile drive across the salt flats was unbearable)his mother, Teresa Morros was greeted by security and a caseworker, they escorted her up an elevator to their trauma 1 floor. While in the elevator the caseworker informed her that her son was in a horrific accident, which she informed him she was there. He proceed to say, Then you realize your son has had a severe traumatic brain injury. Not knowing or understanding those words, she asked, Can you explain severe?. His reply, DEATH. At that point she dropped to the floor of the elevator. Her next words, is he alive? She was told yes, but that they could not give any hope at that time for survival.

Josh was in a coma for 24 days and it went from being told from a minute my minute wait to hours and then with the hope he would wake up. Every time the family got excited and their hopes up, they were faced with the negativity that based on his injuries to the brain he would be severely disabled. Then they were told of all the ups and downs from emotion, physically and behavior. The biggest and still to this day they hardest thing for the family to hear was, Forget the life you had before.

Well, Josh showed everyone that he was not willing to settle and every time someone told him he could not do something, he buckled down and worked really hard to overcome. What the family realized was there was not aftercare for individuals that had brain injuries, especially ones that wanted to push outside the box. Yes there is rehab but that usually runs out after 30-60 days depending on insurance. Brain injuries are not like a broken foot and in a lot of cases need years and years of aftercare.

Fast forward Joshs recovery has been amazing and he even rode his bicycle across the country in 2011 to raise awareness about brain injuries. Our main focus for recovery has been Nutrition, Plenty of Fluids, Exercise, Sleeping and lots of personal development. With this platform we have been able to help others across the country add this concept to their lives and see improvement with the side effects of traumatic brain injuries. In our family we have not only had Joshs injury, but his grandfather had a brain injury in 2008 too, he also has had amazing results and improvement focusing on the same recovery protocol as Josh. Research is also talking more and more about nutrition and exercise helping with recovery and the long term deterioration that comes with sustaining a brain injury. For the last 8 plus years, Brain Injury has been our life as we not only research and read about it, WE LIVE IT!

This is where B.R.A.I.N (Brain Recovery Assistants Institute of Nevada) has a platform that can help survivors, family and caretakers dealing with brain injuries. Northern Nevada is in need and will benefit from this organization.