Bucks for the Blind

Sierra Services for the Blind helps people who have blindness or other visual impairments by providing transportation to and from medical appointments, peer counseling and advocacy, and develop a personalized program designed to develop independence and forestall institutionalization for the blind and visually impaired of all ages. We chose to do this auction because the pandemic has greatly impacted our in-person fundraisers and we miss being connected to our supporters! We thought this would be a fun way to celebrate the expansion of our new meeting room and get back out into the community that we serve. Can we count on your bid to help with our mission?

How does Sierra Services for the blind differ from other organizations for the blind and from other organizations serving the disabled community?

  • A federal study by the New York office of the Lighthouse found Sierra Services for the Blind is the only agency in the nation serving exclusively in a rural community.
  • Our counseling, education and transportation is a client driven service, not an institutional program.
  • We also do not charge our clients for services which is part of our 38 year tradition.
  • We do not duplicate expensive services already provided by other agencies, but rather use them as a resource.
  • We are 100% self funded.
  • We have a voting membership, so the community has direct control of the organization.
  • We are aware of the unique character of blindness within the larger community.
  • We do not try to do many things, just one well.

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