Tamarac North Lauderdale Chamber

The Tamarac North Lauderdale Foundation is fund raising for local schools. All monies raised will go to schools in Tamarac and North Lauderdale area and schools just outside City boundaries that Tamarac and North lauderdale students attend. Classroom projects, scholarships, school supplies anything that will assist in education. Our organization feels strongly that we contribute so our local population benefits. The Foundation Board is made of local business people who want to make a difference. All Board members are volunteers and have made contributions to the cause. Our non profit 501c3 Foundation will give our local students the extra support needed. Our community is stronger when we help each other. Thanks for your support. Every bid counts!

The Chamber Foundation Board was created by the the Tamarac North Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce as a separate entity to fund raise for all schools that Tamarac North Lauderdale students residents attend. The mission is to support the schools and contribute in assisting their needs. Our volunteer Board will review the needs and direct the funds where it is needed most. There are over 20 schools we will want to assist in some format when we can. The Foundation volunteers come from local businesses and have been active in the Chamber of Commerce and the community. This new Foundation has contributed $400 to North Lauderdale Teen Club to their trip to Washington DC February 2022 and recently raised $608 in a give back campaign with small business Juice bar Paradise North Lauderdale. Direct donations from the Chamber members and the Foundation Board members have started our fundraising. We hope from this auction the checks we will write will make a difference. Your successful bid will go to our local schools.

Our volunteer Board and our members want to make a difference. We are all local business people we value community and we want to help. Treat yourself make a bid for an item and feel good the money will go to local education, local students giving them the chance to shine.

Tamarac North Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce

The Tamarac Chamber of Commerce brings people and business together with events large and small weekly and annually. So many relationships and connections have been established through our organization and promoting the area and the business community is what we like to do. We help business in our community to have credibility, visibility and connections. Tamarac and North Lauderdale are fast changing fast growing communities, and we allow individuals and businesses to make a difference by connecting them to important community issues.

Our goal is to create a stronger, more dynamic and prosperous business community, and measurably impact the success of our members and community. Additionally, we improve the social and economic vitality of the community in ways that enhance the quality of life for all. We are knowledgeable and involved in issues that are important to business members, such as education, healthcare and the cultural vitality of the community. We are proud to be a leading catalyst and convener to address the business, social and civic issues that are critical to the community. Through staying focused on the top priorities of the community, we create a climate of success and growth in the community. Thanks for your support. Every bid counts!