ASK - A Smile For Kids

Together with dental professionals, partnering organizations and generous donors, ASK provides life-changing orthodontic treatment to underserved children throughout Oregon. ASK iscommitted to communicating how access to orthodontics can improve quality of life, overall health and increase equitable outcomes for all kids. Can we count on your bid?

Where does the youth in the ASK program come from?

Kids are referred by schools, ODHS (Oregon Department of Human Services,) counselors, medical/dental professionals, community health clinics, and numerous other social service organizations.

What is the scope of treatment for someone in the ASK program?

Typically,a child will receive "braces" and be in treatment for a 2-to-3-yeartreatment time.

What makes ASK different?

All recipients are required to perform 4 hours of community service every month while in "braces", keep a "C" or better grade average, and attend all orthodontist appointments. These requirements have resulted in an average of $1,000 community service hours carried out each month and an average graduation rate of 94%.That's 14% higher than Oregon's graduation average of 80%!

What changes does ASK hope to make?

  • - Increase high school graduation rates in Oregon
  • - Build each child's self-esteem and confidence
  • - Instill a want to give back to Oregon's community service organizations
  • - Improve not only the patient's health
  • - And most importantly,improve quality of life, overall health and increase equitable outcomes for young people